Downfalls High
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Downfalls High

Downfalls High

Downfalls High Before we get to the stinking guts and heart of The Larva Island Movie, I’ll recap the storied Downfalls High history of this scurvy franchise. First, there was Larva, the urban adventures of two grubs, the angry and diminutive Red and his larger, dumber best pal Yellow. Larva Island followed, with Red and Yellow farting around (in the most literal sense) on a tiny deserted island occupied by shipwreck survivor Chuck (voice of Eddy Lee); the movie repackages a bunch of these episodes so we can relive the glory of the one episode where Yellow ate some blue mushrooms and spent the majority of the run time blasting vile gastrointestinal emanations from his anal port, one of the very few features of his nigh-formless body.

So it makes sense that the opening sequence of The Larva Island Movie features a dung beetle rolling his little turd along the dangerously busy streets of New York City. Chuck nearly steps on it, but avoids killing the disgusting little creature because he once was genial palsy-walsies with similar disgusting little creatures. He sits down in a restaurant with a journalist who wants to publish his amazing, unbelievable, hallucination-ridden survival story. His anecdotes cue flashbacks to episodes of extreme hunger and loneliness, debilitating mental illness, spirit-crushing failures to build boats and rafts, fire, rain, freezing cold, scorching heat, mating rituals of the Atlantic pollock and that yellow worm’s GOD DAMN FAHHHHTS!

Duration: 46 min