Game Night
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Game Night

Game Night

It may sound a bit obvious, but the main goal of any comedy is simple: to make your audience laugh. Elements such as plot or character development are also important, of course, but they are of little use if the film lacks charm or well-constructed gags. I mention it because, although it sounds absurd, many comedies forget this, rather favoring elements that stand out for the disgusting, the stupid, or the simply trite over well-told jokes, derived from the situations in which the protagonists see themselves involved.

In fact, I don’t remember any comedy from last year that I really found funny; the film that made me laugh the most in 2017 was “LEGO Batman” which, technically, is not a pure comedy.

This is why it is refreshing – and pleasantly satisfying – to find a movie like “Game Night” (Game Night, 2018) on the commercial billboard. It will not be a particularly original proposal, but unlike many of the comedies that Hollywood puts out year after year, it does its job without any serious setback: to make its audience laugh.

Exaggerated, absurd, and wildly charismatic, “Game Night” is a fast-moving film that presents comic situation after comic situation without underestimating its audience, causing them to laugh with the characters, not them.

Duration: 100 min


IMDb: 6.9