Paddington 2
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Paddington 2

Paddington 2

Among all the existing forms of artistic expression, Paddington 2 cinema, when it takes advantage of its full potential and executes its discourse properly, is very probably the most effective in avoiding the gray world that surrounds us and, in turn, reach the depths of our hearts to squeeze them and make them beat with force fueled by all kinds of emotions.

This last phenomenon is not something especially common, being able to consider as beautiful anomalies all the occasions in which, without any type of aggressiveness or tearful excesses, a feature film penetrates little by little to the bottom of the soul of the public to twist it with care and transport the stalls to a place infinitely warmer than the one waiting outside the cinema once the projection is over.

The first cinematic adventure of the beloved Paddington surprised us in 2014, rising as one of these necessary singularities thanks to his fantastic exercise of family cinema, bright and sweet as marmalade. Three years later, the plantigrade that debuted on paper in 1958 returns to steal our sighs in this ‘Paddington 2’: a new outpouring of the charm, sensitivity and good work of the original that, once again under the baton of Paul King, becomes on its own merits one of the best films of this 2017.

‘Paddington 2’ transcends its apparent nature of a children’s cinema to, in addition to embracing the younger viewers unceremoniously —who will enjoy the adventures and sympathy of the furry protagonist—, treat with special deference an adult sector who will appreciate greater perspective the virtues of the captivating story, both thematic and strictly cinematographic.

Duration: 103 min


IMDb: 7.8