The Last Shift
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The Last Shift

The Last Shift

The Last Shift why didn’t Rogue One: A Star Wars Story attract the same level of divisive fan reaction that subsequent The Last Shift Star Wars films did? Disney wrapped up its Star Wars sequel trilogy in 2019, and as the Skywalker saga came to a close, it left a less than harmonious chorus behind it. Both 2015’s The Force Awakens and 2016’s Rogue One faced a certain amount of criticism. J.J. Abrams’ first effort was accused of being laden with fan service and ripping off the original 1977 film, while Gareth Edwards’ spin-off was called-out for using CGI to reconstruct legacy characters such as Grand Moff Tarkin. Generally, however, both films were well-received, earned strong reviews and made lots of money.

The real problems began with The Last Jedi, directed by Rian Johnson and released in 2017. The middle installment of the sequel trilogy was a vastly different Star Wars effort and despite proving a big hit with critics, the widespread changes and deviations from The Force Awakens attracted no small amount of controversy. For entirely the opposite reasons, 2019’s The Rise of Skywalker also courted heavy backlash. Under-performing both in reviews and at the box office, The Rise of Skywalker had a messy plot and was stuffed with exposition, leaving the novelization to fill in the many narrative gaps. Meanwhile, Solo in 2018 was beset with problems and endured the kind of middling response Star Wars simply isn’t accustomed to.

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IMDb: 5.5