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You will forgive me the stale analogy, but it could be said that building a house is a process that bears many similarities to the creation of a cinematographic work. In addition to being extremely demanding, complex and very complicated tasks to carry out, both need a solid foundation that keeps the structure standing, be it architectural or narrative.

In the case of ‘Winchester: The house that the spirits built’, the Spierig brothers started with the advantage of having an earthquake-proof base on which to build their new film. This is none other than the true story of Sarah Winchester: widow of the tycoon inventor of the repeating rifle who, consumed by remorse, built a mansion for 38 years following the guidelines of the specters of those who perished because of a shot fired by the creation of her late husband.

Unfortunately, the new feature of the Australian twins after the bland ‘Saw VIII’ only confirms that their remarkable ‘Predestination’ was just a stroke of luck within a most deficient filmography; throwing overboard the performance of two performers of the stature of Helen Mirren and Jason Clarke, and wasting a fascinating premise that has ended up turned into a ninety-minute cliche with a treatment of terror as hackneyed as it is rusty.

During its first passages, more relaxed and dedicated to setting out the paths on which the story will wander and introducing its, a priori, interesting characters, ‘Winchester’ managed to interest me enough to capture my full attention. This sensation did not end in being completely diluted, giving way to a slumber that would have resulted in a nap had it not been for the annoying jumpscares and the rigorous volume increases with which any scene dominated by suspense is resolved.